With faith to the power of cooperation and with the evolution of Greek agriculture as their primary aim, six pioneering cooperative associates from the Prefecture of Argolis joined forces in January 1938 to establish the Association of Garden Products Producers Cooperatives of Argolida. 

Their vision was to build strong cooperation bonds among the local agricultural world and dynamically organize and represent the agricultural sector, with the aspiration to promote and supply Argolic products by implementing the most effective and innovative practices.

Today, 70 years later, Rea COOP – EASA (Union of Agricultural Cooperatives of Argolida) is the heart of the Argolic agricultural world, as a secondary cooperative organization. It represents almost 5.000 farmers and has been joined by 32 primary cooperatives. Its scope of business includes a variety of services to support producers in Argolis, as well as packaging and processing of agricultural products.

Over its long course of history, the Union has taken the initiative to strategically deal with issues the agricultural sector is confronted with and has contributed to its empowerment and eventually the progress of cooperatives and farmers.

For the success of the goals, EASA-REA has been fully organized on the one hand, and on the other hand it has constructed modern industrial facilities that place it among the top companies in Greece. The service sector serves outside the members of almost all the producers of Argolida, about 17,000 farmers. Of these, about 14,000 produce olive oil, and about 5,500 produce citrus fruit. From the production of citrus fruits in Argolida, which amounts to some 350,000 tonnes, about 180,000 tonnes are moved through the Union fruit producers’ group. Approximately 40-50,000 tons a year are juiced in the privately owned ESPERIDES juice, which is among the largest juices in Greece.


State-of-the-art facilities and processing units

Driven by the need for continuous growth, Rea COOP has invested in well-trained personnel, a completely computerized accounting department and advanced industrial facilities, placing it among the leading companies in Greece.

The privately-owned “Esperides” fruit processing plant located in Argos is one of the largest juicing facilities in Greece, producing a wide range of natural juices, nectars, and fruit drinks. Our products are available in Greece and are also exported to the largest international markets. Rea COOP also owns a fully-equipped packing house for fresh fruit and agricultural products, located in Nafplio.


Facts & Figures about Rea COOP

  • 32 primary cooperatives-members
  • Representation of 5.000 farmers
  • Rendered services to 17.000 farmers
  • Agricultural product packing house, in a property of 80.000 sq. m.
  • Fruit processing plant, in a property of 80.000 sq. m.
  • Juicing of 40-50.000 tons of fruit annually
  • Distribution of 180.000 tons of Argolic citrus fruits through the Union’s fruit producers group


The basic rules governing the operation of EASA are:

  • Systematic effort to ensure financial independence and self-reliance.
  • Complete separation of elected administration and day-to-day management exercised by the service mechanism.
  • Systematic effort to upgrade staff quality.
  • Systematic effort to modernize the facilities so that they always remain at the top level.
  • Manufacture of consumer products and their placement on the market.


Rea COOP provides its members with services related to:

  • Community funding management
  • IACS (OSDE) applications
  • VAT refunds for farmers
  • Insurance activities
  • Accounting support for farmers and cooperatives
  • Legal representation for farmers

Packaging and processing of agricultural products


  • Standardization and packaging of fresh citrus fruits
  • Juicing of citrus fruits and apricots
  • Juice packaging in Tetra Pak packs
  • Packaging of sweetened juices in plastic packs of 1lt & 5 lt.
  • Packaging of fruit juices in drums, for industrial customers

End products

Rea COOP is committed to produce, pack, process and distribute high-quality products such as:

  • Fresh citrus fruits, apricots, vegetables to be distributed in Greece and abroad
  • Fruit and vegetable juices
  • Condensed juices (orange, apple, pomegranate, grapefruit, lemon, tangerine)
  • Fruit purees (apricot, peach)
  • Ready-to-serve juices in Tetra Pak (natural juices, nectars, fruit drinks)

Our Brands

Partitipation in EU programme “We venture abroad”

EASA is participating in the programme “We venture Abroad” which aims to enhance the international profile of export – oriented SMEs.