Agricultural Product Packing House

Our fresh fruit and agricultural product packing house was established in 1987. It is located in Nafplion, at a property of 80.000 m2, and includes:

  • Citrus fruits packing unit of 7.000 m2 with a capacity of 25 tons/hour –micropackaging facilities available
  • Refrigerated rooms of 5.000 m³
  • Degreening and storage rooms
  • Modern accounting department and offices

“Esperides” Fruit Processing Plant

Our fruit processing plant was established in 1999 and its facilities cover 11.000 m2, in a plot of 34.000 m2. The plant features:

  • Fruit processing unit
  • Tetra Pak packing lines
  • Chemical and microbiological lab
  • End-product storage rooms
  • Refrigerated rooms of 3.000 m³



Production Capacity

  • Citrus processing line, 45 tons/hour
  • Apple processing line, 10 tons/hour
  • Peach and apricot puree line, 7 tons/hour
  • Tetra Pak 0,25lt lines, 13.000 packs/hour
  • Two Tetra Pak 1lt, Tetra Prisma lines, 7.000 packs/hour
  • Tetra Pak 500ml Base line
  • Tetra Pak 330ml, Tetra Prisma line
  • Two Tetra Pak 250ml Slim lines
  • Overall capacity is 50.000 units per hour.